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English as a global language argumentative essay

English as a global language

Most of the time when people think about personal and professional development they think about the amount of languages that they know taking more importance English language, this issue due to the fact that every time in this current globalized world this language is taken more significance.
Nevertheless there some people who believe that this fact has changed and now it is not important to learn this language as it is to learn Mandarin since the latter has become the language of business.
Points of view like previously have generating a controversial situation and it would be interesting to define who has or do not have the reason.

First of all English has taken the level of importance since 449 AD due to in the world began to form British isles and this empire start to expand around the world.
Other fact that strengthened it was when United States became as superpower after it won the second war since it accelerated the adoption process of English as a main language across the world.

In addition, English has became at present society an indispensable requisite for all people in order to get the right to degree from university, even from school due to student must to present and pass an exam like IELTS (British exam) or TOFEL (American exam), the differences between them are IELTS are required from British universities so that people who applied for these ones and they do not have English as native language and TOFEL has been more popular within communities that have to present an international exam and its purpose is to evaluate the abilities to understand American English.

Picking up again the importance of English for our society one can say that it became an important tool within this competitive world because it helps to achieve a better’s professional well-being and to take advantage of new opportunities.
In spite of these advantages that person who knows English can accede to, people should realize that world has changed and labor field increasingly requires people with more knowledge and the abilities two speak more that two languages within these Mandarin has taken a lot of strong since China, country which is native mandarin is been decisive for global growth.

To conclude both English, Mandarin and others languages are important to attain professional success and gaining competitive advantage within these globalized world.
I consider that English due to the numbers of speakers that this language has and the number of countries where this one is spoken have supported for English been a main language in the world, nonetheless we should not adjust know only to it, we always should look for improving our knowledge and it merely we can attain if we worry about acquire more abilities, study more, related to other cultures and learn more from them.

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